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“Alright, so you’re the greatest thespian since Sarah Bernhardt. But if you can’t get the job, what’s the point? While acting is an art, auditioning is a craft — and Sharon knows this world six ways to Sunday. Her book brims with no-nonsense advice and tough love. There’s not an ounce of b.s. or filler in here. And I can assure you that from a producer’s point of view, she’s telling you exactly what folks like me are looking for.” -Vince Gilligan, creator Breaking Bad

“Sharon Bialy and her merry persons have come up with more great ideas than the Federal Government. And hers actually work. I rely on her tremendously. She has long suggested that any actor wishing to understand the audition process work for a while on the other side of the table. I’ve never heard better advice. Any actor will profit from her book, and, should they bring a copy along to any audition she and I are running, will surely get not only our attention, but our respect.” -David Mamet, Pulitzer Prize Winner, Glengarry Glen Ross

“Auditioning is the most nerve-racking thing an actor has to go through. Sharon’s book is a fly on the wall insight on how it’s all done, how you should walk in the room, and what you should expect. I really wish I had read this book when I first started because I could have avoided a lot of cringe worthy embarrassments. Sharon Bialy is a Casting Director who truly loves actors and in her book she openly and candidly gives you all the tools you’ll need to walk in the room with confidence and give the best audition you possibly can.” -Krysten Ritter, Actress, Don’t Trust the B…in Apartment 23

“Why should you read this book? The more information you can get before you go in a room the better! I agree with Sharon that a lot of it has to do with confidence and convincing them you are up for the job and can pull it off. It’s their time, their money, and their project. The more ammo you got going in, the bigger the boom. Read the book and you will know what I mean.” -Norman Reedus, Actor, The Walking Dead

“Sharon Bialy is the very, very, best, especially at preparing actors to shine in the room. As a director who has worked with Sharon on multiple projects, she has now given actors the answers they need to prepare for a fully expressed audition.” -Davis Guggenheim, Academy Award winning director

“Everyone in the business should read this book. As a talent agent, I find Sharon to be respectful of the actors we send in to audition and works to get the best out of them. Her taste and expertise in her field are beyond comparison.” -Iris Grossman, Talent Agent, ICM Partners.