What We Offer

We are a full-service publisher. We edit, produce, publish, market, and distribute our authors’ works in print and in all the common e-reader formats. We pay standard royalties (10 – 15% of net proceeds) on printed-copy sales, and we share ebook revenues 50-50 with authors. We do not pay advances.

Submission Guidelines and Information

Query by e-mail letter at submissions@cadentpublishing.com
Please embed your query in the e-mail and NOT as an attachment.

Please include a brief synopsis and biography explaining what the book is and who you are. Please do not include or attach any sample material to the query, unless requested by us.

Our response to an e-mailed query can take up to a few weeks. If your query is of interest to us, we’ll e-mail a request for the full proposal and/or the first 50 pages of the manuscript, which we’ll ask you to submit as a Microsoft Word attachment. We may need as long as 8 – 14 weeks to review this material, although we’ll try to answer sooner.

Helpful Tips

Please keep your initial query brief: an intro paragraph, a paragraph about your project, and a brief bio. Twelve-point Times New Roman is an ideal font, clean and easy to read. Unless you tell us otherwise, we will assume that you are querying multiple publishers and agents. We get hundreds of queries each week, so please be patient! We look forward to hearing from you.